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Raja Ram Mohan Roy

RAM MOHAN ROY (1772? -1833)    was a great social reformer and educationist  hailing from Bengal.

Read and find out more of his life and works.

Great Lives

Ishwar Chandra the great scholar,academician, philosopher and above all a social reformer.

He got married at the age of 14 to Dinamani Devi and had a son named Narayan Chandra.

 Narayan Chandra was married to an adolescent widow  in 1870. Several such marriages were solemnized with his own money.

He started his career as the Head Pandit in the Sanskrit department in Fort William College,in 1841

After five years in 1846, he joined Sanskrit College as Assistant Secretary.  Later he became a Professor and  the first Principal  of the college in 1851.




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