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Significance of Lighting a Lamp

                                          Significance of Lighting a lamp:

Light from the lamps removes darkness.

In many religious traditions, fire or light is taken to represent the presence of the Divine.

Knowledge removes ignorance just as light dispels darkness.

Lighting of lamps during Diwali signifies victory of good over evil or transcending from darkness to light.

Light brings brightness; it dispels darkness and we begin to see things clearly.

“The hero is the one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.” 

– Felix Adler

A German American Professor and a Social Reformer

A visit to a historical place

                                          A visit to a historical place:

Recently, I went to Hyderabad .

I went  to attend  a seminar .

The university is an outstanding reminder of the Nawabs’ taste for grandeur and elegance.

The Charminar is the centre of attraction. The shops in the vicinity are full of curious onlookers and buyers.

The city is famous for pearls.

Hyderabad Biryani is well known.

There are a number of wonderful palaces, now converted into hotels

The Salarjung Museum, is really great.

The Golconda fort though not preserved in a proper manner is a landmark for visitors and tourists.

The cell in which Ramadas the Revenue Officer was imprisoned draws a large number of people.

       Today  Hyderabad  is both a historical as well as an IT hub.



Outstanding = prominent

Vicinity = surroundings

Draws = attracts

Think of any place that you have visited.

A memorable day in my life


One of the most memorable days in my life is writing my Mathematics paper in class X.

It was a bright sunny day.

Just as I was about to enter the hall, I had a sudden misgiving.

I checked my bag and got the jolt of my life.

I had forgotten my hall-ticket.

My heart missed a beat.

Panic stricken, I ran towards the gate.

I dashed into my father who having seen the hall ticket on the table brought it to the college.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

It took me a couple of minutes to get back to my normal self.,

I can never erase from my memory  the mixed feelings of anxiety, shock, and relief whenever I look back to that day.

I was able to compose myself take the exam and I came out in flying colors.

                                 I am now extra cautious and double check my bag whenever I step out.


Vocabulary and phrases:

Misgiving = doubt / suspicion

Jolt = jerk / shock

Panic = terror / horror

Dash into = move very quickly to

Erase = wipe away

Get back = to return to a place / state

Compose = create

Composed = become calm

Flying colors = publicly successful

Cautious = careful / alert

Check = ascertain / make sure

Restrain = to keep under control

Words often confused

Same words having different meaning

Words often confused

Air          :               This air is pure.

                                You should not always air your views.

                                Don’t put on airs.

Bar         :               I want a bar of chocolate.

                                Don’t bar him from entering the room.

                                He is practicing in the bar.

Book      :               Please give me your book.

                                I want to book my ticket.

                                The police tried to book the thief.

Bank      :               Don’t bank on him.

                                He loves to sit on the bank of the river.

                                You have to open an account in the bank.

Act         :               I love to act in plays.

                                Don’t try to act smart.

                                This is a one- act play.

Principal:              Who is the principal of your college?

                                I want to keep the principal intact.

                            Please credit the interest on the principal into my account.

Place     :               From which place do you come?

                                What place did you secure?

                                Let us place him in the accounts department.

Rhyming words-Exercise

Read the sentences out aloud. Fill in the blank with the word that rhymes with the word in italics:-

1. I don’t care for the _________. ( animal )

2. Don’t stare like a __________. ( animal)

3. Name and fame are the ________. ( alike or similar )

4. All his mail has been put up for ______ ( money transaction )

5. Be calm and give your ____________. ( part of the hand )

6. Early or late you have to ________ (stay for some time, linger on )

7. He was told to be ______. ( to have courage )

8. He wants to run for _______. ( to be happy, to enjoy oneself )

9. They won by a _________. ( action in a game- cricket )

10.  Put off the light before you  _______. ( quarrel )


  1. bear,
  2. bear
  3. same
  4. sale
  5. palm
  6. wait
  7. bold
  8. fun
  9. run
  10. fight