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City Life

                 City life  as against life in a town or a village . 

There are various factors that make it imperative to live in cities.

                                                              High rise buildings and traffic.                   

                                                Life in a City   

Life in a city can be pretty chaotic.

There are innumerable factors that contribute to this chaotic condition in life.

One of the first and most important factors is the environment or the place or locality that you choose to

reside in.

Life in a city has its own share of ups and downs.

A crucial decision has to be taken to ensure that the interests of all the members in the family are taken into consideration.

This in turn necessitates a scouting out for suitable accommodation.

It is important to keep in mind, both budgetary constraints and levels of comfort and convenience.

Living in high-rise buildings or a small house comes with its own attendant advantages and disadvantages. The next major factor to be taken into consideration is commutation.

It is essential to strike a balance between time and mode of transportation or ease of transportation.

Travelling long distances can be time consuming and exhausting.

Traffic jams and congestion are a part and parcel of life.

It is possible to become exposed to the hazards of pollution.

There is greater exposure to life and society in a city.

There are greater avenues for employment in cities.

One can become isolated in cities.

Interaction can become superficial.

There are greater chances of children falling prey to drug abuse.

Youngsters should be monitored closely.

Excessive freedom can be misused.

Changes in life-style may also result in snobbishness.

People living in cities can become immune to the simple joys of living close to nature.

People are migrating from towns and villages to cities.



Important Vocabulary:

Chaotic: anarchic, confused, blurred, disorganised, disorderly, muddled

Out of control, out of step, all over the place

Contribute: give, grant, donate, add, assist, give to, add to, work toward, participate in, donate to

Environment: surroundings, setting, climate, atmosphere, conditions, circumstances, neighborhood, scene, locale

Reside in: live in

Crucial: important, essential, vital, pivotal, critical, central, main, serious, key, primary, great

Ups and downs:  good and bad

To assure someone is to remove someone’s doubts.

He was assured of a seat in the college.

To ensure something is to make sure it happens—to guarantee it.

Parents must ensure the safety of the children.

To insure something or someone is to cover it with an insurance policy.

Do you have an insurance for your car?

Constraints -limitations, restrictions, obstacles, barriers, hurdles, difficulties

Attendant – accompanying

Commutation    commuters are people who go from one part of  a city to another part by bus or other modes of transport / travel

Congestion – block     I have a congestion in my throat.

Hazards – dangers      Pollution is one of the greatest hazards in cities.

Exposure   –   City life provides an exposure to cosmopolitan society.

Avenues  –     Avenues to growth are limited in towns and villages.

Isolated  – feeling all alone   Raju felt isolated in the party.

Superficial  – No depth    Some of his statements are superficial.

Monitored  –   All the activities of the children are monitored by the teacher.

Excessive freedom   –  It is not good to give excessive freedom to teenagers.


Important Phrases:

Strike a balance –  We must learn to strike a balance between work and sleep.

Time consuming  -A hand woven shawl is a time consuming piece of work.

Part and parcel  –   Pain and pleasure are a part and parcel of life.

Scouting out for   –  searching for     He was scouting out for some better accomodation.

Keep in mind   –    remember   Keep in mind that you must return early.

Falling prey  – It is easy to fall prey to vices.

To look after  -Youngsters should be taught to look after the younger siblings.

To take care of   – Children should learn to take care of elders.




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