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About us

This website is dedicated to Indian students who desire to learn the English Language. It is an endeavour to provide a rock solid foundation that will enable the learner to understand and enjoy the nuances of the language. It is important to learn to communicate with precision. There is a thin line of difference between speaking and expressing oneself. Communication skills involve an understanding of both functional grammar and the art of expression. This is an integral part of Personality Development.Thus all the four skills of the language have to be cultivated.

We would also like to thank all the members of our family. I thank also my physicians who are standing by me to wage my battle with R.H, my well wishers and the  Ramakrishna Math , who in different ways have encouraged and strengthened me in all my endeavours. We would like to say a word of special thanks to Dr. E.Tenneti for making this website a reality.

T.Saraswathi Dr.T. Hemavathi  

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