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My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher:

Model 1:

My favourite teacher is my Mathematics teacher.

His name is Ramulu.

When I was in my class vii, he taught us mathematics.

I never used to write anything in my notebook.

I was afraid to go to school.

He took great care of me.

He dinned in  the concepts which I was unable to understand.

He motivated every student in the classroom.

He drove away the fear of maths in us..

He taught us well.

I keep in touch with him even today.

Try to pick out the key words in each sentence..

Ex.  afraid


Who was afraid?  Why was he afraid? Did he get rid of his fear? How did he get rid of his fear?

Write five sentences about your friend/ relative who had a fear of something/ somebody and how he got rid of it.



My favourite teacher is Uma.

She taught us English.

She used to sing very well.

I used to be very naughty, when I was at school.

My teacher made me sit in the first row.

At that time, I was very poor at English language.

She helped me to get through English in my examinations.

She encouraged me to participate in extra-curricular activities.

I  am thankful to her  in every phase of my life.


What attracted you to your teacher?   Her musical talent.

How were you able to build your English competency? Three reasons…..



Exercise 1

Fill the blanks using the appropriate words from the box below.


Fill the blanks using the appropriate words from the box

renounce      leave            quit             resign          deny              abandon            forego


A great man

Siva was an ideal teacher. He had to ____________ his ancestral home to provide a living for his family.

He did not want to ______ his children a good education.

His wife was struck by paralysis, but he did not want to ____________ her.

He decided to   ________ himself to his fate. He had to  _______ his promotion due to family constraints.

He was forced to _____________ many pleasures in life, yet he had a sense of contentment that comes from selflessness.


Answers :    1 leave    2 deny      3 abandon     4 resign    5 forego   6 renounce