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Words in different parts of speech

Same words with different meanings.

Read and understand the sentences.

Air          :               This air is pure.

You should not always air your views.

Don’t put on airs.

Bar         :               I want a bar of chocolate.

Don’t bar him from entering the room.

He is practicing in the bar.

Book      :               Please give me your book.

I want to book my ticket.

The police tried to book the thief.

Bank      :               Don’t bank on him.

He loves to sit on the bank of the river.

You have to open an account in the bank.

Act         :               I love to act in plays.

Don’t try to act smart.

This is a one- act play.

Principal:              Who is the principal of your college?

I want to keep the principal intact.

Please credit the interest on the principal into my account.

Place     :              From which place do you come?

What place did you secure?

Account                   I want to open an account.

He gave an interesting account of his journey.

It is good to maintain an account.

He lost his grade on account of his illness.

Let us place him in the accounts department.

Count:                 Can you count the birds on the tree?

Don’t count on him. He will not join us.

On which count are you punishing him?

Race      :             They are from a primitive race.

I always participate in the race.

Face       :             Wash your face.

I cannot face him.

Plant      :             The plant has withered.

Please don’t plant such ideas in his mind.

The plant has been closed down.

Industry:              The secret of success lies in industry.

The industry is on a profit spree.

Hand     :              Wash your hand.

Give me a hand please.

The thief gave the police a hand.

He has no hand in this matter.

Trace     :           The police could not trace him.

Trace the map.

The thief did not leave any trace for the police.

Interest              She has an abiding interest in painting.

What is the present rate of interest?

Play        :           I love to play chess.

Have you seen the play ‘Harischandra’?

Board:                How much did you pay for your board and lodging.

I have to board the train in a few hours.

Just look at that sign board.

Water:                 Please water the plants.

There is no water in the tank.

The Management tried to water down the project.

Dear      :             Vegetables have become dear.

The matter is dear to my heart.

Drop      :             There isn’t a drop of oil.

Don’t drop the vase.

The Govt. will not drop the issue.

The captain did not want to drop the young player from the team.

Bore      :             I think Geography is a real bore.

You have to bore deep into ground to get water.

He bore the weight with a smile.

Head     :             Don’t turn your head.

Murthy will head the search party.

He has no head for such matters.

I think we have to head towards the north.

Back       :            I have a catch in my back.

When will he be back?

We must back our friends.

Can I back the car here?

Light      :            This bag is very light.

There is no light in the balcony.

The police were unable to throw any light on the crime.

File         :            They walked in a file.

File the papers.

Put the papers in the new file.

It is not easy to file an FIR.

Frame:                 It’s a beautiful frame.

Don’t frame charges on innocent people.

House:                The house is magnificent.

Many valuables are housed in the museum

Block     :            The building blocks the view of the river.

He lives in the second block.

Cover:                The thief took cover in the bushes.

Cover your eyes.

Give me a cover.

Grave:               Don’t look so grave.

This is the grave of  Ruth.

The situation was grave.

Manual:             He does a lot of manual labour.

Do you have the manual?

Sign        :         Sign the letter.

There is no sign of the fishermen.

Pine       :          The pine tree is a sight to see.

The old always pine for the past.

Table     :           Put the book on the table.

The document has to be tabled.

Pen        :           This is a Parker pen.

You must always pen your thoughts.

Point     :             Don’t point your fingers.

The pencil has a sharp point.

There is no point in arguing.

You have a point there.

He was unable to score a single point.

Sleep     :             Don’t sleep over the matter.

I had a good sleep.

Copy      :            Do not copy others

Do you have a copy of this photograph?

Slip         :           Give me a slip of paper.

Be careful, you may slip.

The thief gave a slip to the police.

Bat         :            I have bought a new bat.

There are many bats in this ancient temple.

He did not bat an eyelid.

Wave    :              The wave in the sea looks beautiful.

The leader waved to the crowds

There is a wave of support for him.

Fine       :              The absentees have to pay a fine.

It was a fine deal.

The weather is fine.

Train      :               You should train the horse.

They walked in a train.

I missed the train.

Left        :                Turn to the left.

He left his bag at home.

Pass       :               Please pass the book to me.

You have to pass the mountain.

Will I pass  the driving test?

This too will pass.

Bear       :               Can you bear the weight?

Is that a bear?

Right      :               He is always right.

Use your right hand.

Sound:                  I am in sound health.

What a terrible sound!

Might:                    I might find the treasure.

He is a man of might.

Firm       :               He works in the big firm.

My father is very firm in his views.

Rule       :               This is an important rule.

Asoka’s rule was just.

Match:                  The match was delayed due to rain.

He is no match to Ali.

My parents are on the lookout  for a match for my brother.

Stick       :             Take a big stick.

Stick it on the wall.

Please don’t stick on to old ideas.

Seal        :            Let us seal the deal.

Seal the cover before you post it.

Are there any seals in the river?

Minute:                Wait a minute, won’t you?

Don’t worry about the minute details.

Cold       :             It’s very cold.

She gave him a very cold look.

Fire        :             Light the fire.

Your boss will fire you.

Blow      :              Blow out the candle.

The robber dealt a terrible blow.

Soil         :            This soil is fertile.

Don’t soil your clothes.

Paper    :             I want a sheet of paper.

He presented a paper at the conference

Root      :            Don’t pull out the root.

Look into the root of the matter.

Rock      :            That’s a beautiful rock.

Rock the cradle.

Fare       :            What’s the fare to Chennai?

The hostel fare is good.

Gun       :             He is a big gun.

The robber was armed with a gun.

Field      :             The farmer lost his field.

The Minister refused to field any questions.

The players left the field.

Paint      :               Is there any paint left?

Don’t paint him as a coward.

Star        :              He is the star attraction of the crowd.

He did not star in the film.

Did you see the falling star?

Mine     :               He is a mine of information.

That book is mine.

He works in a mine.

Mind     :               My mind is in a turmoil.

Please don’t mind me.

Farm      :             I want an application form.

It’s difficult to form an opinion.

You must be in form.

Please form a circle.

Account               I want to open an account.

It is good to maintain an account.

He lost his grade on account of his illness.

He gave an interesting account of his journey

Notice. :              I did not notice the change.

I have to give one month notice to my boss.

Have you read the notice?


Try to make different sentences with the words given above.





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