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Homonyms and Homophones


                          HOMONYMS AND HOMOPHONES

Homonym is a word that sounds the same as another word but differs in meaning. Homonyms can refer to both homophones and homographs.

homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning and is spelled differently.

Homographs are words with the same spelling but having more than one meaning.

Homonym– Example- see -sea

Homograph -Example- band- band

Study the meaning and spelling of the words



advice guidance advise recommend



 alcoholic drink ail sick
alms charity arms  

part of the body










sacred place of worship





agree ascent  

to climb


band a group banned prevented,


bear animal,

to carry a weight

to tolerate

bare naked,





freedom against secrecy ,   to bring out


bale a heap or a bundle, eg. cotton
birth give life to berth sleeping place
bridal pertaining to a bride bridle control
blue colour blew  

to use pressure ,air




destroy brake to put a stop to
bred brought up bread food



to ask for  to propagate, canvas a board for painting , material
cease stop seize  

to catch with force


course path, a sphere of study coarse rough
coat item of clothing put on ,

to cover

court an institution for justice,

to run after


council a group of persons counsel give advice
desert arid land no water, to leave dessert  

fruit taken after a meal


die come to an end dye to colour
dissent disagree descent  

climb down



two , double


fight between two


flour fine powder floor ground
foul bad fowl bird
 fair  honest, just,

light coloured,

a place where all goods are sold

 fare  cost of a ticket,






 big grate grate flour to fine powder , grate vegetables
hail greet hale strong wind and rain
hole opening whole full
hoard to collect horde large crowd
lessen decrease lesson something to study
loan lend, borrow lone single



post male masculine
main most imp mien thick hair
maize corn maze confused, puzzle made of confusing paths
metal object mettle  

integrity ,strength


might possible mite a small amount



part of day , dark knight an important person
ore metal oar  pole to row a boat
pair two pear fruit, pare
pale lack of colour pail a bucket
peace calm piece small amount


peak topmost point peek a small glance
plain simple plane vehicle of transport,

a flat surface


plays dramas/games place  

a location


pole  a  post poll survey
pour to distribute pore an opening in the body

to look with concentration


pray a petition prey  

to depend on



principal main person, main amount principle  










reward/ award price cost
rain down pour reign rule
rein control , a strap for controlling a horse
raise to heighten race  

a run , a      community


raze to destroy
rite a custom write to note
right correct right direction
role a part roll  a list,  to move around


sale to buy or sell sail  


to move forward



sell to make a deal cell  

a part of the body,

a small room in a prison


sight view site a place
cite to quote


single soul  

atman : inner part, that which resides within


sore   angry soar  

fly high


sour bitter
stationery books, papers etc stationary  

still , no movement





rob steel metal
story a tale storey  

part of a building





in one direction strait narrow
tale story tail to follow, an appendage at the back of the body
tied to bind tide to get over, a part of water
veil covering vale a place , a valley
wail to cry
vine grape creeper wine a drink
whine to complain
vile wicked while during
wait to expect something to happen weight  





waste  unwanted, unnecessary, useless waist  

part of the body


wave ripple on the sea

surge in activity

moving the hand

waive to give up something

to refrain from


weak not strong week days
whole full or complete hole an opening
yoke  to tie yolk Inner part of egg


Make sentences with the words .

Bring out your creativity..

This is a tale of a cat without a tail.

Don’t whine for wine.

I want to see the sea.

You can sell the cell.

The robber wanted to steal the steel box.

It’s not right to follow rites in a blind fashion.

He was the lone individual to take a loan.






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