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Antonym is a  word that means the opposite of another word.      ‘good’ is an antonym of ‘bad.’

accept x refuse kind x cruel
ability 1nability  knowledge x Ignorance
acceptance x refusal/rejection  lack x Abundance
Advance X Retreat  .law x Inequity
adversity X Prosperity  length x Width
affluence X Poverty  .Liberty X Slavery
ancestor X Descendant  Master X Servant
Aristocracy X Democracy  Melody X discord









X oblivion
Arrival X Departure Miser X Spendthrift
Ascent X Descent Mistress X Maid
Attachment X Detachment Motion X Rest
Attack X Defense night X day
bring x take new x old
Body X Soul Pain X Pleasure
Boon X Bane Patriot X Traitor
Brave X Coward Peace X War
Care X Neglect Plaintiff X Defendant
Confidence X Diffidence Poetry X Prose
Consent X Dissent Poison X Antidote
Creation X Destruction Praise X Blame
Debit X Credit predecessor X Successor
Debtor X Creditor Presence X Absence
Defense X Offense Pride X Humility
Deficit X Surplus Prosperity X Adversity
Dwarf X Giant Punishment X Reward
Elevation X Depression Question X Answer
Enjoyment X Suffering Recovery X Relapse
Entrance X Exit Right X Left/wrong
Failure X Success roar x Whisper
Flattery X Detraction Ruler X Subject
Fortune X Misfortune Saint X Sinner
Freedom X Slavery Simplicity X Complexity/


Friend X Enemy Smile X Sigh
Front X Rear Storm X Calm
gain X Loss Synthesis X Analysis
glory X Shame Theory X Practice
gratitude X Ingratitude Time X Eternity
guest X Host Top X Bottom
happiness X Misery Tragedy X comedy
haste X leisure Unity X Diversity
head X Tail/foot Use X Abuse
heaven x Hell/earth Victory X Defeat
hero x villain Violence X Non-violence
honour x dishonour Virtue X Vice
hope x Hopeless/despair Volunteer X Conscript
imagination x reality Water X Land
Whole X Part Foreign X Native
Wisdom X Folly Frank X Reserved
Word X Deed Friendly X Hostile
Work X Rest Fresh X Stale
Absolute X Relative Full X Empty
Abstract X Concrete Gain X Lose
Absurd X Reasonable Genuine X Spurious
Active X Passive  General X Particular
Affirmative X Negative Special X Polite
Ancient X Modern Hard X Soft/easy
Animate X Inanimate Heavy X Light
Barren X Fertile High X Low
Barbaric X Civil Honest X Dishonest/corrupt
Beautiful X Ugly Hot X Cold
Beneficial X Harmful humble X Proud/haughty
Big X Little Ill X Well
Blunt X Sharp Immanent X Transcendent
Brave(ry) X Coward(ice) Important X Unimportant
Busy X Idle Industrious X Idle
Broad X Broad Innocent X Guilty










Civilized X Uncivilized/wild  Kind X Cruel
Cheap X Dear Liberal X Conservative
cheerful X Gloomy Literate X Illiterate
clean X Dirty Literal X Figurative
clothed X Naked Logical X Illogical
common X Uncommon/rare Long X Short
concise X Elaborate Loud X Soft/low
cooked X Raw Male X Female
courageous X Timid Masculine X Feminine
dark X Light Material X Spiritual
Deep X Shallow Maximum X Minimum
Difficult X Easy mighty X  weak
Domestic X Wild Mortal X Immortal
Dull X Bright/interesting Native X Foreign
eligible X Ineligible Natural X Unnatural
Exotic X Indigenous New X Old
Explicit X Implicit Noble X Ignoble
Fair X Foul Nominal X Real/actual
False X True Objective X Subjective
Famous X Notorious/


Obverse X Reverse
Fast X Loose Odd X Even
Fine X Coarse Oral X Written
Fir X Flaccid original X Duplicate
flexible X Rigid polite X impolite
warm x Cool Vertical X Horizontal
wet x Dry Vigorous X Feeble
white x Black Voluntary X compulsory
weak x strong wild x tame
pure x polluted thoughtful x thoughtless
Positive X negative thick X thin
progressive X Retrogressive Laugh X Weep/cry
Quick X Slow Lead X Follow
Quiet X Noisy Like X Dislike
Rash X Cautious Love X Hate
Rational X Irrational Offer X Offer
Raw X Ripe Open X Open
Relative X Absolute Precede X Succeed/follow
Religious X Secular Rejoice X Lament
Rough X Smooth Remember X Forget
Sacred X Profane Reveal X Conceal
Sensitive X Callous Resist X Submit/surrender
Severe X Mild Sleep X Awake
Sick X Well Sink X Float
Sprightly X Dull teach X learn
Straight X Crooked/curved here X There
Strange X Familiar Now X Then
Strong X Weak Often X Seldom
Strict X Lenient Above X Below/beneath
Superior X Inferior At home X Abroad
Sweet X Sour/bitter For X Against
Tall X Short In X Out
Accept X Reject Off X On
Accuse X Defend Over X Under
Acquit X Convict/condemn up X down
Admit X Discharge/repudiate Abandon X Keep
Agree X Disagree/differ Abolish X Establish
Allow X Forbid Above X Below
Arrest X Release/free Abundance X Scarcity
Attract X Distract/repel Abstract X Concrete
Begin X End Acquit X Convict
Buy X Sell Admit X Expel
Compare X contrast Admire X Despise
Confess X Deny Adversity X Prosperity
Consent X Dissent Admonish X Praise
Create X Destroy Affirm X Deny
Earn X Spend Agreeable X Disagreeable
Encourage X Discourage Artificial X Natural
Expedite X Delay Ascend X Descend
Gather X Scatter Assent X Dissent
Go X Come Awake X Asleep
hide X Seek Asset X Liability
Vague X Definite Always X Never
wise x Foolish Attack X Defend
Hit x miss Arrogant X Humble
import x export awkward X Beautiful
Include x Exclude Alien X Native
increase x decrease Ample X Scanty
insert x Delete Amateur X Professional


Try to make sentences with the words given above.

It is easy to  exclude people from a conversation.

It is a good policy to include all the members in a discussion.












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