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Give and take is the law of life

Gifts are a token of affection and appreciation.

The value of a gift lies in the bond between the giver and the taker.

Gifts can also act as a kind of incentive and reward.

The time spent on unpacking the gift is coupled with mixed emotions, of curiosity, expectation and a sense of excitement tinged with pleasure.

Gifts need not always be expensive.

Gifts are exchanged to mark an occasion.

A gift is something that is treasured and sometimes result in nostalgia, bringing back the memories of the past.

Generally a gift is chosen with great care and attention.

According to me the best gift is a good book.

The gift I cherish the most is the HMT watch that my uncle gave me when I cleared my  10th class.

Today the company has been wound up, the watch no longer works, but it is my most cherished possession.

Gifts are commonly exchanged during festivals and when we meet after a long period of time.

Gifts given at the time of marriage in the form of jewellery become heirlooms cherished, though they may become old fashioned.

Gifts are of different types and are not always connected with money.

The greatest gift to old people is caring and sharing.

Gifts are also an essential part of social etiquette.

I personally feel that gifts should nurture values and strengthen culture.

Gifts should not become status symbols and promote consumerism.

Receiving gifts can result in a sense of indebtedness.

A gift attains value based upon the person to whom it is given and how it is accepted.

Special gifts are special and unforgettable because they have a sentimental value. Special gifts create unforgettable memories.

Some gifts are imperishable – a pen, a wristwatch……..

Special gifts like books and CDs ease our way through life.

Gifts are only tangible reminders of our affection but are not always the true expression of love and care.

The most meaningful gifts are sometimes things that cannot be purchased.

Love, care and concern cannot be purchased. They are the greatest gifts.




What do gifts symbolise?

Do you like to accept gifts?

What kind of gifts do you like ?

What is the best gift you have received?


Fill the blanks with the right word. Change the form if necessary:

measure         wrap           sustain            sponsor         life         expensive  

     enchant                token              bribe                value               nature

Gifts are a ————— of care, concern, love and affection.

Gifts need not be —————— .

A great gift is not   ————— in terms of money. It is related to the heart.

Some gifts though small and inexpensive are —————- .

A gift must not become a  ———————–  .

One great gift is that of ————–  a child’s education.

One of the happiest moments is when you  ———— a gift.

The greatest gift is the gift of ————.

Do you know that  —————  is God’s greatest  gift to humanity.

The flora and the fauna  present an —————  picture of peace and calm.

Let us learn to look  within and ————- our joy and peace.

What are some good gifts that we can give?

The Greatest Gift

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