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Rhyming Words

Vocabulary is the heart of a language. It is learnt through different methods. The first method is that of listening and repeating. Oral drilling is the simplest, easiest and best method, which enables the learner to understand the pronunciation. The most basic aspect of learning a language is to know and articulate words. Then comes spelling and usage.

A play way method of building, testing and absorbing vocabulary is the use of rhyming words. Oral drilling and practice, followed by learning the spelling and meaning is essential. It can be done with all the students in the class as a whole. The class can also be divided into groups. You can use the black board. If in the classroom, without a computer, keep a dictionary handy.

The key word is given. Students or each group will make as many words as possible. A time limit can also be set. Observe the difference in spelling and learn the right meaning of the word. Key Word and rhyming words

  • Air: bare, bear, care, dare fair, fare, hair, hare, mare, pair, pear, pare, rare, stare, tear, wear, ware, where, were
  • Boar: Bore, core, door, fore, four, lore, more, oar, ore, pour, pore, roar, soar, sore, tore, wore
  • Cot: ought, bought, brought, caught, drought, drought, fought, got, hot, lot, not, knot, naught, pot, rot, sort, sought, taught, taut, wart, wrought
  • Dame: aim, came, claim, fame, game, lame, maim, name, same, shame, tame
  • Ear: beer, clear, deer, dear, fear, gear, hear, here, jeer, leer, mere, near, peer, queer, rear, seer, steer, sear, tear, veer
  • Fort: court, coat, dote, goat, jolt, moat, note, port, quote, rote, vote, wrote
  • Gold: bold, cold, fold, hold, old, sold, told,
  • Hill: bill, fill, gill, hill, kill, mill, nil, pill, sill, till, will
  • Ink: brink, blink, drink, link, pink, sink, stink, think, wink
  • Jeep: creep, beep, deep, heap, keep, leap, peep, reap, seep, weep
  • Kite: bite, cite, fight, height, kite, light, might, night, right, site, sight, tight, write
  • Lyre: ire, fire, hire, mire, pyre, pier, sire, tyre, tier, tire, wire
  • May: bay, bray clay, day, gay, hay, lay, neigh, pay, ray, say, weigh
  • Nest: best, fest, jest, lest, pest, quest, rest, test, vest, west
  • Oar: bore, boar, core, door, fore, four, lore, more, ore, pour, pore, roar, soar, sore, tore, wore
  • Peach: beach, each, leech, preach, reach, teach
  • Queen: bean, been, dean, feign, lean, mean, seen, sheen, teen, wean
  • Rye: By, cry, dry, fry, fly, high, I, lie, my, nigh, pie, sigh, tie, try, vie, why
  • Sun: Bun, done, fun, gun, pun, run, son, ton, won
  • Tie: die, dye, fry, fie, high, I, lie, my, nigh, pie, rye, sigh, vie
  • Use: fuse, lose, loose, muse, ruse,
  • Veil: ale, ail, bail, bale, dale, fail, frail, gale, hail, jail, male, mail, pail, pale, quail, rail, sale, tail, tale, wail, whale
  • Weight: eight, sleight, gait,
  • Xmas: extra
  • Yak: back, hack, knack, lack, pack, rack, sack, whack
  • Zoom: boom, broom, doom, fume, groom, loom, room,


  1. Find the difference in meaning and spelling. Sometimes the spelling may be the same, but the meaning changes according to the usage. Identify the words. Make a list:-
    Ex. Bear /bare fair /fare hare /hair pair / pear wear / ware
  2. Learn to use the words in sentences of your own:-
    Ex. This is a bear. (animal) I cannot bear this noise. ( tolerate, put up with )
  3. Ask questions and elicit answers to make the learner familiar with the meaning and usage of words:-
    Ex. Where are the bears? Have you seen bears? They are in the zoo.

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