Read the words .Learn the spellings and use them in sentences of your own.


Power, strength, forceUseful, advantageous, expedient
Knowledge, learning, wisdomSorrow, grief, agony, anguish
Anger, wrath, resentmentGain, attain, achieve
Absurd, funny, ridiculousCurse, bane, harm, hurt
Build, erect, constructExile, banish, exile, extradite
Brave, courageous, gallantSuffer, bear, endure
Respect, deference, reverenceBelief, faith, trust
Timid, shy, diffidentProfit, benefit, gain
Frank, candid, ingenuousBuild, make, construct, develop, create, synthesize
Event, occurrenceBusy, engaged, occupied
Unnecessary, needlessFrank, outspoken, candid
Clear, evidentArrest, apprehend, capture
Tell, say, describe, illustrate, elaborateDefend, protect, save, security
Adversity, calamity, miseryPure, chaste, virtuous
Imagination, fancyHide, conceal, disguise, cover
Polite, civil, courteousPraise, applaud, commend
Cunning, crafty, deceitfulConcern, anxiety, worry
Pardon, forgive, excuse, apologyGoal, destination, target
Faith, belief, credulityWill, determination, resolution, perseverance
Solitude, loneliness, desolationDisciple, pupil, student
Envy, jealousyDevotee, worshipper, votary
Tyrant, despot, autocratDisaster, tragedy, catastrophe
Understand, comprehendDiscard, reject, throwaway, trash, scrap
Gentle, tender, kindDiscord, disagreement, deny, reject
See, look, beholdDiscover, find, discern, excavate, dig
Return, restore, retreat, comebackDisgrace, dishonor, insult
danger, peril, hazardShow, exhibit, display, disclose
figure, type, symbolDispute, quarrel, controversy, conflict, fight
Enemy, foe, opponentDistress, trouble, grief, sorrow, misery, woe
Censure, reprimand, criticizeDistribute, divide, share
Savage, barbarian,Divine, Godlike, superhuman
Couple, pair, twinsFearful, awful, dreadful, frightful, horrifying, scary
Remember, recollect, recapitulate, reviseAttack, assault, aggression
Vacant, empty, void, desert, clear, vogueRise, elevation, ascent, hike, resurrect
Increase, enlarge, augmentRude, insolent, impertinent
Instigate, provoke, incite, inculcateGive up, forsake, abandon, desert
Regret, lament, deploreHelp, aid, support
Rare, scarce, feel badSkilful, adept, expert, apt
Hate, despise, scorn, detestConfess, acknowledge, admit,
Recover, regain,Clash, conflict, controversy
Strict, harsh, severeWin, conquer, overcome, achieve, succeed
Brief, concise, terse, shortConvict, criminal, captive, culprit
Wit, humorAdequate, ample, copious, enough, sufficient
Mistake, error, blunder, crime, defect, fault, mistake,Corrupt, dishonest, pervert
Cleverness, dexterity, skillGrow, cultivate, develop, improve
Prejudice, biasCurtail, reduce, shorten, lessen, nip, curb, cut
Dislike, hatred, aversion, detestDead, obsolete, extinct, gone
Pride, arrogance, insolenceDecide, settle, finalize
Deduce, infer, concludeDeed, action, work
Deliver, redeem, rescueDefer, delay postpone
Dejection, despair, despondency, dismay, disappointmentDenounce, censure, accuse
Demolish, destroy, wreck, ruinDepict, exhibit, show, expose
Serious, earnest, solemnJoy, ecstasy, bliss
Effort, attempt, endeavorEmerge, arise, come forth
Encourage, inspire, emboldenEndure, suffer, sustain
Huge, enormous, stupendousEnthusiasm, zeal, fervor
Entreat, implore, requestAbolish, eradicate, uproot, exterminate, remove
Eternal, everlasting, perpetualFade, dim, vanish, dull, gloomy, light
Faint, swoon, dimFatal, deadly, lethal,
Fame, renown, repute, honorViolent, fierce
Stupid, dull, monotonousDynamic, vigorous, forceful
Courage, patience, enduranceGift, present
Gloom, darkness, dejection, dismay, dullFearful, gruesome, ghastly
Hardship, difficulty, calamityProud, haughty, arrogant
Haven, refuge, shelterHomage, respect, tribute
Horror, dead, terrorKind, tender, merciful
Modest, humble, submissiveIdeal, model, example
Ignoble, vile, detestableIllustrious, famous, renown
Immense, vast, great, huge, giganticImmortal, divine, everlasting, never-ending
Impediment, obstacle, hindrance, hurdleContinual, unceasing, incessant, nonstop, unending
Obvious, clear, evidentOffense, affront
Officious, interferingOppressive, tyrannical, cruel
Oust, evict, remove, eradicate, clear, exterminateCriminal, outlaw
Outstanding, remarkable, markOvercome, conquer, defeat
Pact, treaty, agreementPeak, summit, apex, top
Pensive, thoughtful, reflective, ponderEverlasting, perennial, endless
Perpetual, eternal, ceaselessPierce, penetrate, prick, move through, permeate, suck
Plausible, credible, believable, probablePlead, urge, solicit
Pledge, promise, vow, oathPonder, think reflect
Forbid, prohibitFreedom, liberty, independence
Indifference, apathy, unconcernIndustrious, diligent
Abbreviate, abridge, shortenAbhor, detest, hate, despise
Affinity, sympathy, kinshipAbundant, copious, ample, plentiful, profuse, bounteous
Accelerate, hasten, quickenAccomplish, fulfill, perform, do, complete, achieve, attain, effect
Adversary, enemy, opponentAccumulate, amass, collect, store, gather
Accuse, impeach, arraignAdversity, misfortune, calamity
Affliction, trouble, distress, pain, misery, sorrow, grief, calamity, misfortune, disease, sufferingAgitation, disturbance, perturbation, commotion, excitement
Allure, attract, charm, fascinate, entice, tempt, lureAnguish, pain, agony, suffering
Appease, pacify, assuage, mitigate, allay, calmAversion, dislike, hatred, repulsion, antipathy, repugnance
Benevolent, charitable, kind, philanthropic, good-natured, generousBright, brilliant, jubilant, lustrous, lucid, splendid, glaring, gay, intelligent
Conspicuous, prominent, salient, striking, notable, noticeable, remarkable, outstandingDangerous, risky, perilous, hazardous, precarious, delicate
Deteriorate, degenerate, declineEmancipate, free, liberate, deliver, inspire
Eradicate, eliminate, exterminate, Destroy, uprootExtravagant, profuse, lavish, prodigal, spend-thrift, Wasteful, profligate, excessive
Felicity, happiness, blissFerocious, fierce, savage, barbarous
Formidable, fearful, dreadful, dangerous, difficult, impassableFortitude, endurance, resolution, courage
Frailty, weakness, failing, foibleGratification, enjoyment, satisfaction
Humility, modesty, politenessImminent, threatening, impending
Impertinent, authoritative, dictatorialImpetuous, violent, ardent, vehement, ferocious, frantic, furious
Imposter, humbug, swindler, quackInvasion, attack, intrusion, incursion, visitation, encroachment
Laborious, assiduous, industriousLatent, dormant, hidden
Laudable, praiseworthy, commendatory, complimentary, panegyric, eulogisticLethargy, laziness, sluggishness, indolence, sloth
Malevolent, malign, malignant, virulent, hateful, evil, maliciousMitigate, appease, alleviate, soften, soothe, allay, relieve
Monotonous, boring, dull, flat, wearisome, drearyObliterate, destroy, efface
Obsequious, servile, slavishPacify, appease, propitiate, soothe, mollify

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