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Idioms and Phrases

Read the sentences and check out the meaning of the idioms and phrases.

  1. Kavitha bought a cat
    Ravi brought a dog.
    They began to lead a cat and dog life.
    Always quarelling with each other
  2. He lies on the bed
    He made it himself
    He lies in the bed he has made.
  3. The birds made a nest.
    They made it with feathers
    He is suspected of feathering his own nest.
  4. Mr.Right and Mr.Left burnt a candle
    Mr.Right on one end and Mr.left on the other.
    I am afraid they are burning the candle at both ends.
  5. Look at his hands
    They are full.
    His hands are full.
  6. I have only two hands
    But many things to do.
    I have many projects on my hand.
  7. Here is the ink pad
    Put you thumb on it.
    He is under the thumb of his wife.
  8. Why did you close the door?
    To keep the wolf away
    Many educated young men find it difficult to keep the wolf away from the door.( Keep away starvation)
  9. He said he was going out on business
    It was a night, pitch dark, and the streets deserted
    He leapt in the dark (Without knowing the result midnight) to save the robber in the dead of night (Midnight).

Read the sentences and check out the meaning of the idioms and phrases.

  1. He took up the case.
    He argued it.
    He did not consider the pros and cons of the case.
  2. She served the sick
    Working through thick and thin.
    And wears the blue ribbon of service in the TB organization.
  3. The boy was generous.
    He gave away all he had.
    The boy has almost run through his fortune.
  4. I saw a stranger
    He ran into a house.
    The man was caught after a hot chase and run in.
  5. He has a spoon in his mouth.
    It is of silver.
    The young fellow was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
  6. He lit the lamp.
    It’s light dispelled darkness.
    He made light of his father’s warning.
  7. That man changes his clothes every day.
    He changes his religion too.
    The poor embrace any religion in a jiffy.
  8. The pied piper led the rats.
    But when refused to be paid his due, he led the children too.
    He refused to be led by the nose.
  9. She is a maiden.
    She gave a speech.
    As a maiden speech the attempt was good.
  10. The speech was short.
    It drew everybody’s attention to the seriousness of the matter.
    The laconic speech made everyone tongue-tied.

Read the sentences and check out the meaning of the idioms and phrases.

We locked the door and went out.
We found the door open.
The burglars broke into the house.

The manager was cross.
The employee was dismissed.
He was a black sheep in the company.

Who do you think would be the next CM?
There are no efficient ministers.
This is the burning question of the day.

The carpenter did not use a ruler.
He used his fingers for measurement.
The country carpenters always do things by the rule of thumb.
Any rough process of measurement

Two ladies appeared to be close friends.
One was cunning and the other a simpleton.
The cunning friend tried to gain promotion by making a cat’s paw of the simpleton.
To use another to accomplish one’s ends.

The boy behaved like a clown.
Everyone laughed at him.
He made himself a laughing stock by his clownish behavior.
Object of ridicule

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