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Joint family system and Nuclear family system

                  JOINT FAMILY                         




                                                   The family is the base of society.

The joint family system is slowly being replaced by the nuclear family system.

Some of the factors contributing to the rise in nuclear families are better education, migrating for employment, technological advancement and the shrinking of the universe through globalisation.

Nuclear families have become the order of the day.

Greater awareness has resulted in the reduction of the size of the family.

Families of the older generation had an average of six to nine children.

The house would be bustling with children, uncles, aunts, cousins, parents and grandparents.

Agriculture was the predominant occupation.

There is a lot of give and take in joint families.

The concept of caring and sharing is inculcated automatically.

Elders shoulder the responsibility of running the house.

Joint families can inhibit the freedom of parents in some ways.

Some children tend to get pampered.

Greater despondency can sometimes result in shirking responsibility.

The atmosphere in a joint family may not always be conducive to character and personality development.

Nuclear families are the outcome of evolving societies.

The need to take up employment in distant places is an important factor in the spread of nuclear families.

The small size of the family encourages all the members to be aware of the overall activities in the house.

Parents have a greater say in making decisions.

Finances can be managed and utilised according to the needs and circumstances.

Children experience greater freedom to pursue their own interests.




Rise in = increase

The rise in crimes in cities is a major problem.

The rise in temperature is an outcome of global warming.

The rise in prices of essential goods is causing a lot of troubles.

Shrinking = becoming smaller

The borders between countries are shrinking.

Order of the day = very common

Parents listening to children is becoming the order of the day.

Bustling with = filled with

The hall was bustling with all kinds of activities.

Predominant = most popular or common / special

Give and take = Share or exchange

Give and take is the law of life.

Shoulder the responsibility = take charge of / take up the responsibility

No one was willing to shoulder the responsibility of organising the function.

Running the house = to manage

My brother has been given the responsibility of managing the house for two months.

Inhibit = prevent / limit

Parents should not inhibit the creativity in children.

Children do not have any inhibitions. They are free, frank and fearless.

Shirking responsibility = avoiding responsibility

It is common to find people in power shirking responsibility for unpleasant situations.

Distant = far away

Distinct = clear

The distance between the shop and the godown is 25 kms.

The picture is not very distinct.

Aware of = to know

Gopal was not aware of the accident.

It is important to be aware of the changes in the banking sector.

Greater say = involved in

People should have a greater say in the changes made by the administration.

To pursue = take up / follow

Ravi wants to pursue higher studies.

The police tried to pursue the thief.

Tend to = possibility of

Riches can make a man tend towards vices.


 Test the level of your vocabulary. Read the passage given and fill the blank with the right word. The initial and the final letters of the word are given. The form of the word may have to be changed.

employ         education          replace     facility       migrate        continue     celebrate   convenience

The nuclear family is slowly   r————–g   the  joint family system. Some of the major factors leading to this situation are  better e ———– l facilities, advancement in  technology and em ———– t opportunities.   The  m ————– n  from villages to cities either due to employment or for education has resulted in the disruption of the joint family system. The search for greener pastures has been f————  d through globalisation.However the joint family system has not become totally  obsolete. It  c———– s to flourish ,though in a different  way. Some members of the family  stay back and continue to live in the villages, while those who leave for employment make it a point to come back for an annual get together. This reunion can be either for festivals  or for some c———— n in the family.  In some cases all the members of the family travel to a  place that is comfortable and c ————- t to accommodate the members of the extended family. The nuclear families in the cities  also provide an opportunity for  sight seeing to the other members of the  extended family. This in turn promotes tourism. Tourism boosts the economy.Travel thus becomes very common.


Have a discussion:

Nuclear families are better than joint families.

Joint family system is no longer feasible.

Agricultural practices have to be strengthened.

Agricultural markets have to be formed by the locals themselves.

Technology should be deployed in a better manner.

Organic farming should be encouraged.

Community living should be strengthened through social, cultural and literary activities.

Activities like afforestation, social service for ensuring cleanliness and vigilance groups will go a long way in building a better society.

Concepts like dignity of labour, self dependence, awareness,  proper use of resources and basic literacy go a long way in promoting health and harmony, so very crucial for humanity.

The very concept of family has to be better understood.


Study the picture given below.




1 What kind of family do you see?

2 How many members of the family can you identify?

3 How many children can you see ?

4. How many couples can you identify?

5. Why are the two kids not seated in the middle?




Look at this family tree




1 How many children does Mr. Rao have?

2 How many children are married?

3 How many grandchildren does  Mr. Rao have?

4. How many couples can you see ?


Write a paragraph about the family.



Try to draw a family tree.

This is the family of Mr. Shekar.    He has six children.   The first three are boys , the next two are girls and the last one is  a boy  Four of them are married, the two girls and the first two boys. The boys have two kids each, a girl and a boy, while  the girls have one girl each. The daughter of the eldest son is married.



                                                                   India lives in the villages.










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