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Climate change

Climate Change:

Climate change is one of the most challenging issues confronting humanity.

Indiscriminate use of natural resources is a common phenomenon.

Over exploitation of nature has become a way of life.

A total disregard for preserving and protecting the flora and fauna is a major cause of increasing toxicity in the environment.

The rampant use of plastic and non bio-degradable material is littering the earth.

Encroachment into many sanctuaries and cutting down forest areas endangers wild life and increase carbon emission.

Water, the elixir of life is becoming a rare commodity.

Rivers are polluted with the toxins from industries and factories.

The sewage let into the rivers is encouraged rather than prevented.

Beaches and banks of rivers serve not only as tourist spots, but are flanked with high-rise buildings.

Mountaineering, more for name and fame results in the disruption of the Eco-system and the accumulation of garbage on mountains.

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