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Technology in Education


Technology is changing the teaching-learning process in myriad ways.

Digital classrooms and e-learning are becoming more popular.

Virtual classrooms and online teaching are coupled with video lectures.

Digital platforms offer the possibility of enlisting the best faculty from different parts of the world.

Shortage of qualified faculty is compensated through online resources.

The availability of the best faculty compensates the shortage of experienced faculty.

It lessens the burden of the teacher.

However, it is to be borne in mind that online teaching can never replace face-to-face teaching.

Leaving aside technical problems, the absence of face-to-face interaction can result in a kind of morbid learning.

It can also lead to a feeling of being trapped in a cramped environment.

The physical presence of the teacher provides a sense of bonding.

Real learning takes place in an atmosphere of natural freedom.

It is not always possible to have the required infrastructure.

Financial commitments may be higher than in offline teaching.

The audio-visual method can enhance the interest of the learner.

The chalk and board method may not be effective in large classrooms.

Monitoring students is not feasible in online teaching.

Character building and personality development take a back stage in online teaching.

Online teaching has its own share of benefits but can never replace one-to-one teaching.

The concept of online teaching is gaining greater popularity.

It is considered that online teaching is a more sophisticated method of teaching.

It is essential to strike on balance between online and offline teaching.

A judicious mix of online and offline teaching strengthens the process of real education.

To a certain extent, the use of technology is almost becoming mandatory in every sphere of life.

Technology in education is picking up fast and is becoming an integral part of the teaching-learning process.

Online teaching by itself can never substitute real teaching.

Time zones can affect online teaching.

The classroom immersion is absent.

Network accessibility and weak transmission reduce the impact of teaching.

While online teaching may come in handy in some cases, it can never replace classroom teaching.



Myriad = numerous / many

Enlisting = recruitment

Compensate = counterbalance / adjust for

Morbid = gloomy / low-spirited

Trapped = cornered / treed

Cramped = restricted / confined

Commitment = dedication / allegiance

Enhance = Improve / develop

Monitoring = tracking / supervising

Feasible = practicable / viable

Sophisticated = urbane / refined

Judicious = thoughtful / prudent

Mandatory = obligatory / compulsory


Some phrases:

To go in for = planned or agreed to do

To call for = publicly ask for / demand

To take up = to pursue

To cope with = deal effectively with

Bear in mind = to be mindful of

Put up with = tolerate / endure

Gaining ground = become more popular or accepted

Picking up fast = to increase speed / to improve activity

Come in handy = useful in a particular situation

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