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Education for Life

Education for Life :

   ‘ Education  is the manifestation of the divinity within man’

Minimum compulsory education should be free.

Learning the three R`s should be mandatory.

Skill based education should be easily available.

Field trips and excursions should be encouraged.

Open book system can boost levels of learning.

                             Merit and industry should be given top priority.

Government infrastructure and facilities play a crucial role in education.

The grading system should be popularised.

Social service should be community service done with involvement and integrity.

Games and sports should be mandatory.

Classroom libraries, gardening, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities help in strengthening personality.

                                   The process of learning must be an enjoyable experience.

The marking system can lead to unhealthy competition and rivalry.

Learning by rote can be replaced by physical activity and creative thinking, thus bringing in an element of curiosity and affinity with nature.

Over dependence on computers in education results in plagiarism.

Cut, copy, paste becomes common.

Creativity and original thinking is stifled.

                                          Practical learning should supersede theoretical learning.

                                                   Learning should be for life, not for a living.



Priority = precedence

Crucial = decisive / essential

Affinity = likeness / kinship

Supersede = take the place of

Plagiarism = copying / breach of copyright

Stifled = suppressed / subdued

Lead to = direct to / show the way

Bring in = introduce

Result in = outcome

Help in = aid / assist / facilitate

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