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Over the years tourism has gained a lot of popularity.

In a country like India, every place has some kind of historical or cultural significance.

There is a tendency to combine a pilgrimage with tourism and sightseeing.

Whereas the South is famous for  the exquisite architecture of temples, the North is known for forts and palaces. Besides temples and places of worship, the fascinating pilgrim centres in the Himalayan regions attract people from all parts of the country.

Each place has a legend  or story associated with it.

The beauty of the mountains and increase in facilities for accommodation and transportation entice or attract large number of tourists.

Guided tours, package tours, tour operators providing extra discounts are tempting factors promoting travel.

People today are more inclined to travel than in the past.

The nuclear family system makes travel  more affordable.

National seminars and conferences include a tour or sightseeing in the agenda.

Tourism boosts the economy.

One of the side effects of tourism is littering.

The discarded plastic and the carbon footprint can damage the ecosystem and increase pollution.

With travel to space becoming easier, tourism on earth cannot lag behind.

However tourism has to be regulated and monitored.

Defacing monuments, littering and irresponsible behaviour should be curtailed.


The Hospitality Industry plays a major role in tourism.

Tourism promotes employment and mirrors the diversity in the country.

Tourism provides a window to the world.


Vocabulary and phrases:

Over the years = passing of time

Significance = importance

Combine = put together

Exquisite= beautiful / wonderful

Fascinating = attractive

Attract = draw / tempt

Legend = story associated with the past

Entice = tempt / attract

More inclined = ready / willing

Affordable = not beyond one’s reach / can get

Boosts = increases / encourages / strengthens

Littering = making the place dirty

Discard = throw away

Lag behind = stay back

Hospitality industry = hotels / restaurants

Mirrors = reflects / shows

Diversity = differences

Window to = to show

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