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Eco-tourism is a concept that has been catching on in the present days.

There are various factors that promote Eco-tourism.

The first is that there is a growing interest in the natural environment.

Then there is a corresponding recognition of the importance of conserving natural environment.

It has long term benefits to the climate, which in turn improves favorable weather .

The forest cover is increased due to responsible tourism.

Natural resources are preserved and protected.

Eco-tourism is primarily travel to study and admire the pristine beauty of nature and to conserve the fragile areas.

It is a joint learning experience in sustainable tourism and environmental management.

Eco-tourism stresses the appropriate use of all resources and also emphasizes community development.

It involves local people and (thus provided benefit to them) improves them.

It is a positive experience for both visitors and locals.

It is important to ensure that Eco-tourism does not become commercial tourism.

However, since money goes directly into the local communities, it can help in promoting nature art and culture.

The biodiversity of nature is protected and there will be dissemination of information regarding the conditions of the local communities.

Guided tours with a sense of responsibility rather than monetary consideration are of paramount importance.

The safaris and boating should be more for educational rather than recreational purposes.

The primary focus of Eco-tourism is not on entertainment but on understanding and getting closer to nature.


Vocabulary and phrases:

Catching in = becoming popular

Conserving = protecting

Benefits = uses

Preserved = kept intact

Pristine = pure

Fragile = delicate

Appropriate = correct

Ensure = safeguard

Dissemination = spread

Paramount = greatest



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