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The person I like the most

                        The person I like / admire the most is my father / grandfather / uncle.  

He is very methodical.

He is a strict disciplinarian.

He is however very jovial, loving and knowledgeable.

He makes it a point to check out our daily activities.

He is very observant. He keeps an eye on all the members of the family.

He does not poke his nose into our affairs.

He is not very particular about food, but insists on healthy food.

He goes for a walk and is health conscious.

He encourages us to have healthy discussions on life around us.

His very presence makes us feel secure and comfortable.

He is hardworking and helps all of us in our studies.

He has gone through a lot of difficulties.

He is very patient and never loses his temper.

He is an avid reader and fond of music.

He insists on etiquette and basic manners.


                         The person I like / admire the most is my mother /grandmother / aunt.

She is my friend, guide and philosopher.

She is always cheerful and positive in her outlook.

She takes care of every minute thing in the house.

She is very orderly and neat.

She has a knack of making us tell the truth.

She is very outspoken and does not hesitate to call a spade a spade.

She is good at cooking and makes mouthwatering dishes.

There is no food wastage and we have to eat anything that is put on the table.

She is fond of gardening.

The kitchen garden has to be looked after by all of us.

She has a flair for music and painting.

(Gender equality is enforced through equal participation by all in all activities.)

She always lends a ear to all the stories we have.

She encourages us to be self-confident and self-dependent.

She insists that time should be spent in a proper manner.

(There is no water tight division between duties for boys and girls.)

What I admire most in her is her cheerful countenance.

She never gets ruffled.

She expresses her disapproval through silence.

(Silence is often harder to bear than chastisement.)


                                    The person I am closest to is my sister.

She encourages me in all my activities.

She is just three years elder to me.

There is no sibling rivalry between us.

However, both of us have different temperaments.

She is frank, outspoken and clear in her views.

I am quite reserved and often unable to take a  proper decision.

She never imposes her views upon me, but makes me understand what is good or bad.

I depend on her whenever I have a problem.


                                   AS A FAMILY – WHAT WE DO TOGETHER:

We have dinner together.  We share our thoughts on what we have done during the day.

In the weekends and during holidays we make it a point to work together and assist in cleaning, washing and cooking.

We relax and  have healthy discussions on different topics.


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