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A visit to a historical place

                                          A visit to a historical place:

Recently, I went to Hyderabad .

I went  to attend  a seminar .

The university is an outstanding reminder of the Nawabs’ taste for grandeur and elegance.

The Charminar is the centre of attraction. The shops in the vicinity are full of curious onlookers and buyers.

The city is famous for pearls.

Hyderabad Biryani is well known.

There are a number of wonderful palaces, now converted into hotels

The Salarjung Museum, is really great.

The Golconda fort though not preserved in a proper manner is a landmark for visitors and tourists.

The cell in which Ramadas the Revenue Officer was imprisoned draws a large number of people.

The Tank Bund as it is popularly known is a major drew for both locals and tourists.


       Today  Hyderabad  is both a historical as well as an IT hub.



Outstanding = prominent

Vicinity = surroundings

Draws = attracts

Fantastic = wonderful

Mesmerising = attractive

Hectic = busy


Think of any place that you have visited.

When did you visit the place?

Why did you visit the place?

What did you do?

How long did you stay there?

Did you do any sight seeing?

How was the trip?

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