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Health is Wealth


The prosperity and happiness level of a nation hinges upon education and health care facilities.

The most important aspect of health is based on proper nutrition and diet.

It is essential to ensure that the food supply chain is kept intact.

Junk food should be avoided.

Unhealthy food and indiscriminate eating habits lead to obesity, diabetes and cardiac problems.

Obesity is one of the greatest challenges in present day society.

Over-dependence on a diet of convenience foods results in problems of health.

A sedentary life style has a negative effect on health.

Exercise is a must for healthy living.

The increasing number of desk jobs results in greater inactivity which is a health hazard.

Addiction to the television results in obesity.

Children playing video games tend to give up playing outdoors.

People spend more time indoors than out in the open.

Walking is something that is never in the dictionary.

Public health system must be accorded the greatest priority.

Health care should be free of cost or made affordable to the needy.

A good health care system instils confidence and promotes a sense of equality.

The public health care system should be on par with the private health care system.

The private health care system though expensive is more comfortable.

The private health care system caters to the affluent.

The dichotomy between public and private health care must be bridged.

Greater awareness, a nutritive diet and adequate exercise are the need of the day.

The mid-day meal scheme in schools strives to provide a nutritious diet to children.

Insistence on games and sports in schools results in exercise and better health.

Home-remedies for common ailments must be encouraged.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables must be integral to the daily menu.

The Indian cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.


Vocabulary and phrases:

Hinges upon = rests upon / depends upon

The economy hinges upon the purchasing power of the people.


Intact = kept properly / undamaged in any way

The flower-vase remained intact despite rough handling.


Indiscriminate = without thought or care

Now-a-days, people spend money in an indiscriminate manner.


Sedentary = without moving

People have been used to a sedentary life-style.


Addiction = getting used to

Children are becoming addicted to computer games.


Accorded = given

The singer was accorded a rousing reception.


Integral part of = necessary

Eating is an integral part of life.

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