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My Most Valuable Possession

What I value the most.

Model 1:

I love painting. I have a box of paints. The paints have become dry. I will never throw away the box of paints, because my Uncle gifted it to me when I was a small child.

I would always carry the box with me. I would never leave it anywhere. It is my most valuable possession.

It is a token of my passion for drawing and painting.

Model 2:

I have two very valuable possessions.

One pen is an old one. It belongs to my Grandfather. It looks unique. It seems this was the only pen that he used throughout his life.

There is another pen; the one that my father used to write his thesis.

Now, I have two very valuable pens. I should keep them carefully.

They are ink pens. One has a gold nib.

They are so beautiful and precious  that sometimes I think that they are fit to be kept in a museum.

Let’s start speaking

What is your most valuable possession?

It can be ………….

A wrist watch

A camera

A book of moral stories

A letter

An ink filler

Some vocabulary

precious       dear         old       antique         illustrated         primitive

hard bound    expensive    simple      brand    hand written   congratulatory

prized    priceless  black and white   reel   outmoded   rare   interesting  simple



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